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Working as a corporate design agency in Sydney, PSD takes a unique and effective approach to working with your brand. Our approach is quite simply based around achieving successful results for your company.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best solutions, and by using innovative and creative strategies, we consistently deliver outcomes that exceed the expectations of the people we work with. Our design approach involves consultation, collaboration, and finally, delivering a successful design solution for your brand. Many companies make the mistake of thinking that investment in the development of a brand is not necessary, however, this can be costly in the long run. A brand represents the sub total of all the experiences a customer has with your business. PSD deliver brand solutions to make those experiences positive ones.

We provide corporate designs for companies in Sydney, and we use the following process to develop innovative and creative brands for our customers.

1. Collaborate.

During this stage of the process we work closely with you to identify the desired outcomes for your brand. This stage is particularly important as it will set the tone for the rest of the brand development process.

2. Discover.

Brand discovery will help to defi ne all aspects of the brand prior to creative development. The discovery process is not only to uncover details no one previously recognised, but also to gather information so we can catch up with you, to thoroughly appreciate your brand and create successful outcomes.

3. Create. 

The creative process always consists of more research, physical sketching, planning, thinking, computer designing, client and team collaboration. It is never a lick and stick solution. PSD push and pull design, turn it upside down, sideways and inside out, and then start all over again until the creative is on brand.

4. [re] Create.

[Re] Create involves working closely with you to test the effectiveness of the brand creative. During this time, we will review messages, tone, voice and reconsider some of the decisions we have made. Upon revisions and fi nishing touches the design are made ready for final approvals.



5. Implement.

This is possibly the most exciting stage of the whole process, as it represents the moment at which the design comes to life - distributed, printed, placed, coordinated... and you can see the positive effect it is having on your audience.



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